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All the discussions will be available from September 12th - October 21st

The History Festival is held from September until Autumn half term each year. The 2023 festival programme will b announced in July. Please register so that you receive information in good time.

Pedr ap Llwyd talks to Bishop William Morgan

What's the most important book ever published in Welsh? And what does it feel like to know that your work has had a huge impact on the Welsh language? Join Pedr ap Llwyd, Chief Librarian of the National Library of Wales as he converses with Bishop William Morgan, the man who first translated the complete Bible into Welsh, back in 1588.

Suitable for KS2

Supported by: The National Library of Wales and In Character

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Arthur talks to Gwenhwyfar

A fun and comedy film that will be broadcast on S4C over the Christmas period this year which follows the trajectories of King Arthur and Gwenhwyfar. The film begins with Guinevere on fire wanting a place as a knight on King Arthur's Round Table but there is one problem, only men can compete for a place. Guinevere is a very determined woman, and persuades her maid Morwenna to join her in a competition where riders try to prove their courage and wisdom to Arthur ... Join Gwenhwyfawr with Arthur, in a specially recorded talk for the Wales Children's History Festival, for a taste of what's to come this Christmas.

Supported by: Boom Plant


Anni Llŷn talks to Hedd Wyn

Poet interrogates poet. Join Anni Llŷn, the former Children's Poet Laureate of Wales as she chatted to the poet Hedd Wyn, who died in France during the First World War, before he discovered that he had fulfilled his dream of winning the Chair at the National Eisteddfod.

Suitable for KS2

Supported by: Snowdonia National Park Authority and In Character

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Jennifer Jones talks to Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards

Urdd Gobaith Cymru was founded by Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards in 1922. Since then over 4 million children and young people have been members of the Urdd, and have benefited from sporting, arts, residential, philanthropic, voluntary and apprenticeship experiences, all through the medium of Welsh. Almost a hundred years later, join Jennifer Jones, BBC Wales News Correspondent and BBC Radio Cymru Presenter as she questions the man behind one of Europe's largest youth organizations. Sir Ifan ab Owen Edwards will tour schools across Wales in a 'one-person show' In Character, starting January 2022.

Suitable for KS2

Supported by: Urdd Gobaith Cymru and In Character

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With thanks to all of our supporters who worked with us to create these history chats: Boom Plant; In Character; National Museum Wales; Snowdonia National Park Authority; Urdd Gobaith Cymru


Monday 4th September - Friday 27st October

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